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Elder Request Form

If you would like to make a request to Central Baptist Church's board of elders to take action or review a matter, you can do so using the form below. You can also print a copy of the form using this link.

1. Any member who desires to make a motion or submit any matter to the congregation at any regularly scheduled business meeting must first submit the matter to the Elders for review and consideration.*
2. The Executive Committee of the Elders will review all submissions. However, anonymous submissions will not be considered and the person submitting the request must be a member of the Church in good standing.
3. Depending on other agenda items, time constraints or other factors, matters approved by the Elder Board for submission to the members may be set for a later business meeting or submitted for informal action as provided in the Bylaws.
4. Items may be approved or rejected after review by the Elder Board. In either case, the person making the request will be informed of decision and a timeline (if applicable).
5. Members are welcome to address the Elder Board at an Elder Board meeting; provided that any such appearance needs to be scheduled in advance.
6. The Elder Board may, from time to time, modify or expand these procedures.
7. Comments to the Elders are welcome anytime at

* Line 233 of the Bylaws provides that the Elders shall “approve all matters to be submitted to the Members for Member action."