Connecting people with a life that counts for eternity by building disciples that go and change lives.

We are committed to strengthening concerted prayer in support of the people and ministries of Central. We long for prayer to saturate all aspects of the life of Central, and our outreach as followers of Christ inthe world. our vision is to engage believers in the NEED for prayer, to equip believers in the DISCIPLINES of prayer, and to enlist believers who DAlLY LABOR in prayer.

lf you sense a calling to join this vital ministry, please consider these opportunities to become involved:

The Elders of Central are also ready and available to anoint the sick with oil. Being anointed can be arranged by Contacting Pastor Randy Tweeten at or Pastor Jeff Wheeler at

In addition, we are asking God to help us create new opportunities to grow the Prayer Ministry through the printed word, the Internet and other electronic avenues, as well as instructional retreats and training.

Get Involved: If you are interested in serving in prayer ministry, contact Pastor Randy via email at or via phone at (605) 275-1674 or Landon Ludens at