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Children's Ministries




We are committed to providing a safe, child-centered environment for kids to learn how to know, love and serve Christ.


 If you are visiting KidCentral for the first time, please follow these steps to check your child in:


1. Come to the KidCentral welcome desk.

2. Our welcome desk team will be happy to help you sign into our system to receive your child’s check-in tags.

3. We will show you to your child’s classroom. You will pick up your child in the same room where you dropped him or her off.


At KidCentral, we know it's important for your child to learn in an environment that's appropriate for their age. That's why we have multiple areas in KidCentral.

-Children age 6 weeks to 2 years old are cared for in the Baby Room (specifically for babies who aren't yet walking)

-Once children begin walking, they move up to the Toddler Room.

-At age 2, children graduate up to the 2-year-old Room.

-Children age 3-5 have fun in KidCentral's preschool area.

-Children in Kindergarten join KidCentral Elementary, where they are divided by grade level and gender.

If you have questions about KidCentral, please feel free to contact our KidCentral Director, Becky Jaspring, at