Connecting people with a life that counts for eternity by building disciples that go and change lives.

The goals of the Missions Board are:

  • To educate the church body on local, national, and foreign missions work in which Central is involved.
  • To support our ministries at home and abroad with prayer, care, and finances.
  • To facilitate an atmosphere that encourages children and adults to become involved in missions at home and abroad.
  • To provide a place of accountability and oversight of ministry to short-term mission opportunities.

You can contact Chuck Jespersen at or by calling the church offices at 605.336.3378.

Our Mission

We exist as a church family at Central Baptist so that we can help people connect with God to become fully-committed followers of Christ.

Our Strategy

In order to accomplish our mission at Central, our strategy is to help others Know Christ, Worship Christ, Serve Christ, and Share Christ.

Our Core Values

Our core values are the non-negotiable values that will keep us on track as we employ our mission.

All of our decisions as a church should reflect the following: God's Word, Grace and Love, Prayer, Evangelism and Relevancy, Diverse and Vibrant Worship, Leadership Development, Authenticity and Integrity, Unity Within Diversity, Passion-Driven and Gift Based Service, Relationships, and Life-long Commitment to Discipleship.

Our Vision

As we follow our Mission, Strategy, and Core Values, our Vision for Central Baptist Church is to become a dynamic community of faith which uses all possible means (consistent with Scripture and our values) to intentionally and aggressively connect people with a life that counts for eternity by helping them become fully-committed followers of Christ.

As we do this we will see consistent and continual growth both spiritually and numerically. Our hope is that Central will be known regionally as a church that is leading the way in reaching others for Christ, discipling them and helping other churches do the same.

If you have any other questions about Central's Mission Statement we invite you to contact us.