Connecting people with a life that counts for eternity by building disciples that go and change lives.
Building Disciples

The Building Disciples sermon series is brought to us by Dr. Chuck Hiatt. Chuck currently serves as the Executive Director of the Good Samaritan Foundation. During the earlier years of his professional career he has served as a parish pastor and in several capacities at the North American Baptist Seminary; Seminary President, Vice President for Development and Executive Director of the Leadership Foundation at the seminary. He attended the University of Northern Colorado, Sioux Falls College, North American Baptist Seminary, and received his PhD from Arizona State University. 

Chuck is a long time member of Central, and has served in various capacities including Elder. He and his wife Janelle have three sons and six grandchildren.

Title Date Speaker Biblical Reference
Building Disciples - Part I February 27, 2011 Dr. Chuck Hiatt
Building Disciples - Part II March 6, 2011 Dr. Chuck Hiatt
Building Disciples - Part III March 20, 2011 Dr. Chuck Hiatt
Building Disciples - Part IV March 27, 2011 Dr. Chuck Hiatt