With the launch of our new Street Smarts series, we’re also inviting you to join us in a 30-day challenge in Proverbs. Check out the instructions below, as well as two calendar options you can download and use to help keep you on track!

Here are the steps of the 30-Day Street Smarts Challenge:

  1. Each day, starting with Proverbs, Ch. 20 on Monday, April 20, read the next chapter of Proverbs (and loop back around to Proverbs 1 on May 1st).
  2. Keep a journal during this 30-day period, entering the following information each day:
    • Write out each verse(s) that stood out to you that day, along with the Scripture reference.
    • Give each verse a title by category (finances, work ethic, the tongue, relationship with God, pride, etc.).
    • Write after each verse what that truth is teaching you (or how it applies to your life personally).
  3. On the 30th of April, read chapters 30 and 31 (to keep this within a 30-day period).
  4. Take a moment each day to pray about living your life more in line with these proverbs.
  5. Check for the prompt post on Central’s Facebook page (facebook.com/centralsf) each day and, if you’d like, comment about how you were impacted by one of the proverbs you read.

And here are the calendars to help keep you on track!