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Giving and Stewardship

We pray you will experience the joy of faithful, consistent, cheerful giving as the Scripture instructs — not out of obligation, but out of thanksgiving for all Christ gave for you and for all He has given into your care.

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What does the Foundation do?

Along with helping to facilitate non-cash gifts to the church–such as stock, land, investments, and other assets–the Foundation also helps direct how you would like your gifts to be used in the future at the church.

What is the Central Foundation?

The Central Foundation has been established to receive gifts of cash, insurance, or property for those who wish to further the ministry of Christ through Central Church.

Why should I give?

For starters, you may simply want some of your personal assets to benefit the church’s overall mission.

But it can also go beyond that. Perhaps you have a specific vision or initiative you support now, and you’d like to ensure that initiative has the financial momentum it needs to carry on in the future. With a gift to the Central Foundation, we can create special funds to support that initiative or vision.

For example, it may be that children’s ministry at Central is one of your passions, and you’d like to ensure that every child in children’s ministry receives a Bible. The Foundation will set up a fund to ensure that, each year, your gift covers that cost for the foreseeable future.

Or maybe you believe strongly in the importance of marriage, and you’d like to see Central’s marriage ministry grow and thrive. Your gift can help make sure the men and women of Central have the support they need to build healthy marriages and families.

Giving to the Foundation also provides unique tax incentives that can make your gift beneficial not only to the church, but also to you and your loved ones.

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