The Outreach Ministry of Central exists to help you engage with your world, city, neighborhood, and ultimately, and most importantly to us, your oikos (or relational world).

Outreach Ministry

The Outreach Team wants to help you make connections outside the walls of the church. There are events, community partnerships, mission trips, etc. waiting for people willing to serve. Beyond that, if you can dream something up that reaches into your community or friend group, we’ll help you make it happen.

Our goal is to help you reach your oikos well. You might be wondering what “oikos” is. Oikos is the 8-15 people that God has placed directly in your life. It’s the group of people that you know and are best equipped to reach with the Gospel. If you are interested in reaching your oikos, contact our Outreach Pastor, Nathan Pruett.

Tre Service Night
Tre Service Night

Outreach Opportunities

Mentoring Opportunities

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We believe that the best way to transform lives in Pettigrew Heights is through mentor relationships. Central has a variety of mentoring opportunities in the Pettigrew Heights neighborhood. You can mentor with teens through Axtell School or through Lifelight. You can mentor families through our preschool. Or you can mentor people living in our Renewal 58 homes. To get involved in mentoring and make a lasting impact on someone’s life, or just to get more info about mentoring, email Nathan at [email protected].

Central Renewal

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Central Renewal is a unique housing ministry situated in the neighborhood of Pettigrew Heights. They are tempting to elevate the neighborhood and bring dignity to low-income families. They do this through renovation, rent assistance, and mentoring. Families in the program are partnered with a case manager and mentor to walk alongside them to bring financial security and train them in life skills. If you would like to be involved in Central Renewal, we’re always looking for people willing to help in the following ways:

Skilled labor (carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, etc.)
Unskilled labor (clean-up, yardwork, painting, etc.)
To get involved with Central Renewal, email Nathan Pruett at [email protected].

Monthly Outreach

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We try to do a creative, community outreach every month at our Downtown Campus. Every outreach event is different, as are the volunteer needs. Here are just a few examples of volunteer needs we have for our regular outreach events:

Set up & tear down
Prepping and serving food
Childcare and children’s ministry
Greeting and welcoming
If you’re interested in receiving monthly emails about our outreach volunteer needs, email Nathan at [email protected].

Community Partners

Our Community Partner program is one of the ways that Central generously shares in the resources entrusted to it through your tithes and offerings.

Central supports a variety of organizations right here in Sioux Falls. Specifically, we are looking for deep partnerships in the Pettigrew Heights neighborhood as well as partners that focus on the next generation. A team of people here at Central have vetted these organizations and their work. We believe in what they are doing. Feel free to reach out to any of these organizations to learn more about what they do or to support their work individually through your time, prayers, or resources. If you have any questions about the Community Partner program, feel free to reach out to our Outreach Pastor, Nathan Pruett.


Restoration Generation “Res Gen”

Res Gen exists to present the Good News of Christ to thousands of people and help them follow Him for a lifetime. Since 2010, Res Gen has impacted over three hundred thousand people at conferences, schools, festivals, and other events across the country. They also host several annual events in Sioux Falls, including the Res Gen Men’s Summit, Date Night Comedy, and a parenting event.

Shift Garage

Shift Garage exists to help those they serve to fully realize the plan Jesus Christ has for their lives. They do this through a combination of vehicle repair, donation, and maintenance classes.

The Banquet

The Banquet’s mission is to provide a welcoming place where people can gather, receive nourishment and experience love in action, and assist volunteers in providing food and fellowship to those served through the ministry of The Banquet. They are vigilant in identifying and fulfilling the needs of the hungry in our diverse community and in encouraging the health and wellness of their guests.

Central has several opportunities to serve with The Banquet, including helping to prepare and serve Breakfast on the first Wednesday morning of every month. To learn more and get signed up to serve, visit centralsf.org/banquet.

The Community Outreach

Community Outreach’s mission is to partner in Christian ministry to share hope and provide tools for daily living. They do this through a mixture rent assistance, case management, mentoring, and life skills training.


Collision’s mission is to equip students to become faithful followers of Christ who share the gospel, multiply, and transform their schools and the world around them. With that, they are connecting and working with local churches to partner with Christ-following middle and high school students. They empower students through mentoring, training, and other resources to help equip them to share the hope of Christ in their schools and with their peers. So that students can ignite movements of hope by welcoming and loving their peers, sharing the gospel, and training other students to do the same. These student-led movements transform their schools and the world around them.


Lifelight’s vision is to “take the Church outside the walls” to reach the lost, bring the body together to accomplish the great commission, and challenge the body to get involved in ministry. This ministry involves many church denominations, working together in unity based on the truth of God’s Word and the essentials of the Gospel.

Central Renewel

Central Renewal is a unique housing ministry situated in the neighborhood of Pettigrew Heights. They are tempting to elevate the neighborhood and bring dignity to low-income families. They do this through renovation, rent assistance, and mentoring. Families in the program are partnered with a case manager and mentor to walk alongside them to bring financial security and train them in life skills.

Legacy Partners

Our Legacy Partner program is one of the ways that Central generously shares in the resources entrusted to it through your tithes and offerings.

Central supports a variety of individuals all over the world. We call these people Legacy Partners. A team of people here at Central have vetted these individuals and their work. We believe in what they are doing. Some of their work is extremely sensitive. Below we have provided you with as much information as we can about each Legacy Partner. Feel free to reach out to these partners if you would like to know more about what they do or to support their work individually. If you have any questions about the Legacy Partner program, feel free to reach out to our Outreach Pastor Nathan Pruett.


Larry and Mary Caldwell

Larry and Mary Caldwell are missionaries with Converge. They lived in Asia off and on across three decades, with their last 21 years in Manila, Philippines. There, Larry was a Professor and Academic Dean at Asian Theological Seminary, while Mary taught ESL to the children of missionaries at Faith Academy. In 2011 they returned to the USA. Larry became the Director of Training and Strategy for Converge International Missions, as well as Chief Academic Officer and Dean, and Professor of Intercultural Studies and Bible Interpretation, at Sioux Falls Seminary. Mary became a Missionary Assessment Advisor for Converge, as well as an ESL teacher to refugees and immigrants in partnership with Lutheran Social Services and the Center for New Americans. Larry continues to train missionary candidates at missionary training institutions around the world. Larry and Mary have four adult children and two grandchildren.

Dusty and Allison Hoffman

The Timothy Initiative (TTI) purpose is to teach and train disciples to know and share the Gospel all around the world. God has put a desire on Dusty and Allison’s heart to impact and bring the Gospel to Asia. Currently living in Sioux Falls, they continue to do just that using TTI’s model. Launched in 2020 the “Church for Every Village” project aims to get first believers and first churches in every village in two countries in South Asia. With this, they can get the Gospel to everyone, everywhere through the unstoppable movement of disciple-makers and church planters who are reaching their nations for Christ.

Dusty is focusing his time on strategic leadership within these two countries, solving problems, removing log jams, and mobilizing and casting vision to make sure the project stays on track. Allison is using her gifts in the area of conference and event planning to accelerate the effort.

By God’s grace alone, 1.3 million people have come to Christ and become disciples through the TTI (The Timothy Initiative) strategies they are using in these new villages. 68,000 new churches have been planted. They are praying and depending on God to bring millions more to Christ in the decade ahead.

Desi Krohn

Desi has served with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) for over 10 years now. Cru is about helping every student on campus come to know Christ, be built up in their faith, and then sent out to teach the world with the good news of the Gospel. Desi lives that out in two ways- first by serving on the 7 campuses the local SD team works on- SDSU, USD, DSU, LATI, NSU, MTI, & WIT. While there, she leads a bible study of women, disciples students one on one, and shares the Gospel on campus. Desi is also the program director of a Cru Winter Conference that hosts close to 1000 students every winter in Minneapolis MN. The conference is focused on helping students meet deeply with the Lord, and challenging them to consider the needs of the world and to help meet them. Desi has been married to her husband Kevin for 8 years and together they have two daughters.

Lindsey Waggoner

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is on the campus of Augustana University, where Lindsey serves as a full time staff person. She works to develop relationships with coaches and athletes to help them know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. She establishes ministry on campus through relationships, groups, and events, so that every ear can hear the name of Jesus. On a regular basis, she disciples students/coaches, leads bible studies, feeds coaches and athletes, attends practices and serves as a team chaplain. Jesus is making His name known on the campus of Augustana, and she so glad to be part of it!

Justin and Danielle

Justin and Danielle work for the Jesus Film Ministry to help bring the gospel to people in their heart language. There are 6,500 languages in the world yet the Bible says that every tribe, tongue, and nation will hear the good news…How is this possible? Their goal is to help translate the gospel of Luke, and dub it into the Jesus Film, so that no one has to learn a new language in order to hear about Jesus. It’s illegal to be a Christian in the countries that they work in, so for security reasons, please reach out to Central’s staff to contact this couple.

Tim and Sheila Steele

Tim and Sheila Steele serve as a Divisional Manager and Operations for Live Events for FamilyLife, a division of the interdenominational, parachurch Cru, which focuses on marriage, parental ministry. The mission of this ministry is to equip and develop Godly marriages and families to change the world. Beyond this ministry, Tim and Sheila mentor and disciple married couples and lead other FamilyLife events.

Heather Carr

Heather Carr works with Cru. She has been with this ministry for 28 years working on college campuses in the US and in East Asia with the desire to see college students have a chance to know someone who truly follows Jesus. Her heart is to see college students around the world who would respond to the Gospel and become life-long laborers going into the Harvest Field and seeing others respond to Him. This ministry is all about evangelism and discipleship- seeing life-changes in the colleges that will then make a difference in the world.

Her current position is the Mission Director helping give leadership to our college ministries in the midwest. They are called “Cru Heartland” which includes 10 teams across 6 states- North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska. Each team consists of anywhere from 4-20 staff and all of our teams are reaching out to at least 4 schools with our metro teams reaching up to 30. She comes alongside the team leaders to coach them as they lead their teams to grow closer to the Lord and in the mission where God has called them to go.

Luke and Jen Olson

Cru is a community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ.

Their purpose is helping to fulfill the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit by winning people to faith in Jesus Christ, building them in their faith and sending them to win and build others.

Both Luke and Jen had their lives transformed by Jesus in college through Cru. Since that time they have been passionate about reaching college students all over the world with the Gospel.

Luke and Jen moved their family to East Asia in the Fall of 2019 where they planned to do ministry on college campuses for multiple years. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic they and all missionaries with Cru were asked to evacuate East Asia and since have been unable to return.

Luke and Jen are working at Cru’s headquarters in Florida while they anticipate taking a field position in the near future.

Jeff and Melissa Waddell

Jeff is teaching people in developing nations how to get safe drinking water using simple and affordable approaches. Melissa is providing healthcare education both for staff, students, and those in developing nations.

S (name redacted for safety reasons)

This legacy partner is serving a place where it’s better suited his identity be anonymous.

Ted and Jean Miller

Ted uses his skills and experience in radio station technical operations to support Christian radio stations outside the USA. In addition, he works on designing unique equipment that our partner ministries need, but can’t buy. His two biggest projects right now are working with a studio upgrade for Radio Lumiere in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and a project designing a special kind of electrical equipment protector that will allow people to continue using electronic equipment, even when the electrical voltage is too high. Jean works as a bookkeeper in the accounting department, keeping up with the many financial transactions needed to facilitate the equipment shipments and other support that SonSet Solutions, Inc., gives to hundreds of radio stations.

Harlan Moss

Harlan’s Prison Ministry started in 2007 where he began raising his own funding for his evangelism mission. As a prison chaplain, he has the privilege of sharing the Gospel with the inmates. His mission is to lead men to Christ. He lives this out by leading counseling sessions and bible studies with the men in Sioux Falls’ local prison. He pours his heart out to these men as he disciples them to live out their lives as faithful men of Christ.

Dave and Carol

Dave serves as the International Director of Asia, with Converge, while being located in Minnesota with his wife Carol. They are working to bring about a gospel-movement among the least-reached peoples of Asia, laying strong foundations for global workers, building bridges with national partners, and opening doors to new areas of work. Their vision statement for all their workers worldwide is asking God for a gospel movement among every least-reached people group in our generation.

Greg Friesner

Greg is the Director of Incarcerated ministries with Converge Heartlands. He works in the Minnehaha county jail and is also the Pastor of Prison Lighthouse Fellowship.

Tom Henderson

Over the last 10 years, Tom Henderson, founder of Restoration Generation, has spoken to over 250,000 people across the country at conferences, festivals, schools and other events with one mission in mind: Restoring generations of relationships – with God and with each other.

In Sioux Falls, Restoration Generation hosts the annual Res Gen Men’s Summit which encourages and equips over 1000 men to pursue Christ, lead their families and live out their faith in the workplace. Res Gen also hosts 2 Date Night Comedy marriage events each year, a parenting conference and monthly youth leader luncheons that unites youth workers around the common mission of reaching teens and families for Christ.

Passionate about helping new believers grow beyond their conversion experiences, Tom wrote his first book, Heart Not Hype, a seven-day discipleship journey, which helps them not only understand their faith but guides them to be daily followers of Christ. Over 17,000 copies have been given to new believers at no charge to help them grow in their faith.

Mandy Budig

Having been in education for over twenty years, Mandy Budig is passionate about students and coaches. Having been impacted personally by FCA on Augutana’s campus over 20 years ago, she is excited to now have the opportunity to join the FCA staff. She has witnessed how our youth are under attack and she is honored to support middle school students, high school students, and staff as they seek to strengthen their walk in the Lord. Mandy will be serving the schools in southeastern South Dakota. She will be helping to start and support huddles on middle school and high school campuses, bringing the Word of God to the students and coaches right on their campus.

Ethiopia Missions

Central feels led to pour all of our missional resources into reaching and developing one country well. That country for us is Ethiopia.

Right now Central is doing work in Ethiopia in the communities of Ottoro and Hosanna in partnership with Adams Thermal Foundation. We’re also working with The Timothy Initiative to make an impact in Ethiopia. You can learn more about both using the dropdowns below.


Service Opportunities for Ethiopia

Adams Thermal Foundation

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Adams Thermal Foundation operates two K-12 schools for at-risk children in southwest Ethiopia. These schools also administer self-help programs so that women and mothers of students can learn business and job skills. Together, these programs seek to break the generational cycle of poverty and lift children and their families out of despair and hopelessness.

Adams Thermal Academy Hosanna (ATAH) operates in a city located 115 miles southwest of the capital, Addis Ababa. The school only enrolls students who would otherwise be unable to obtain an education, due to poverty, disease, or the loss of one or both parents. ATAH is one of the top performing schools in the region and serves as an example for other public and private schools there. ATAH also operates a full-day academic schedule, while public schools typically offer only half-day opportunities.

To learn more about Adams Thermal Foundation, visit https://atf.reachapp.co.

The Timothy Initiative

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Think of the most unreached village on earth. Now, multiply the picture in your mind to a Jupiter-sized level and you’ll start to see why TTI exists. Millions of villages full of billions of unreached people—this is the heartbeat of The Timothy Initiative. TTI partners with indigenous believers to share the gospel, make disciples and plant churches. Every 40 minutes a new church is birthed through this global movement, and to date, God has used TTI to plant 84,016 churches.  Central Church and TTI are currently partnering together to:
  • Plant 192 churches in Ethiopia
  • Care for widows and orphans through those new church plants
  • See 3,840 people become new disciples of Christ
On average a new church can be planted for $300.  To learn more, visit ttionline.org.

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