Central Church Board of Elders

Chair: Blaine Crissman
Secretary: Rick Odland
Treasurer: Eric Yunag
Scott Hargens
Tom Henderson
Jamie Nold
Brady Olson
Jake Pettengill
Jarrod Smart
If you would like to make a request to the Board of Elders to review an item or take action on an item, you can you can do so with this form, which can be dropped off at Central’s offices, or sent via email to [email protected]. You can also email the Board of Elders with general questions at [email protected].

Deacon Boards

Trustee Board

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Eric Yunag (chair)
Brandon Eastman
Reggie Kuipers

Ben Krush
Amy Odland
David Peterson
Travis Schelhaas
Rachael Weiland

Property Board

Your Subtitle Goes Here

Jarrod Smart (chair)
Deane Barker

Keen Chan
Kathie Klock
Regan Leafstedt
Todd Olson
Paul Tschetter

Jim Yunag

Nominating Committee

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Ben Lee (chair)
Jenny Downey
Dave Munson
Craig Okken
Anna Underwood

Lindsay Weaver

Central Foundation

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Fred Meyer
Kim Otten
Scott Weeldreyer