Part 6: The Lesson of the Cord – ASL

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Part 6: The Lesson of the Cord – ASL
July 22, 2018

Part 6: The Lesson of the Cord – ASL

Passage: Joshua 2:17-21
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Joshua was called to lead Israel by default; Moses was disqualified through moral failure. But Joshua was not unprepared for the call to lead because God had been preparing him since his youth. Joshua prepared for his calling by responding to each new opportunity God set before him.

God is preparing you for something right now. The story of Joshua is not only a story of preparation, but one of conquest. He was to lead Israel to the conquest of the promised land. In this series we’ll look at Joshua’s preparation for leadership and the qualities of leadership that enabled him to lead the people to conquest. What is your “promised land” from God?

Like Joshua, you are called for conquest!

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