Part 3 – Jesus and His Disciples

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Part 3 – Jesus and His Disciples
May 12, 2019

Part 3 – Jesus and His Disciples

Passage: John 13: 1-17
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More Than A Feeling - How Love Changes Lives

You've heard it before: Love is not just a feeling, it's a commitment to act in a way that values someone else's well-being. And because God is love, He always acts in the most loving way toward His children, wanting us to thrive and become the people we were created to be.

When Jesus interacted with people, he was always loving, but not always in conventional ways. His love was counter-cultural and counter-intuitive. He loved people the way they needed to be loved. He met people's deepest needs. His love changed their lives.

But loving people the way Jesus did isn't easy. Sometimes we really struggle to love people. Why? Because we're human. And because relationships are hard. We can't do this on our own, can't just grit our teeth and try harder. But by learning how to let Jesus love people through us, we can be agents of redemption. God can use us to change lives.

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