Part 5: Redemption

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Part 5: Redemption
June 12, 2016

Part 5: Redemption

Passage: Ephesians 1:7-8
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Part 5 of a 37-sermon series, Ephesians: Life At Another Level

Most people believe in a cosmic battle of sorts between good and evil, because it's part of man's quest to answer the question, "Why does evil exist?" What if we have an unseen spiritual enemy tring to keep us from experiencing God's best plan for our lives? The reality is that everything good God intends for us Satan opposes!

We believe Paul wrote Ephesians to help us understand the spiritual world around us so we can experience life at another level. He found the city of Ephesus to be engulfed in the supernatural, and it's into that context that Ephesians is written. It is clear throughout scripture that Satan is real and works primarily through deception. He wants to keep us from knowing God, from serving God, and from praising God.

There is much to learn about the spiritual world through the book of Ephesians, and that's important because whenever we take a step toward God's plan we find spiritual resistance. To live life at the level God intends, we need to understand the reality of the spiritual world. Satan is real, but not all-powerful. In Christ we have authority over his works!