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September 23, 2017

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Passage: Luke 18:18-27
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Dr. Barry Black is the 62nd chaplain of the United States Senate, serving in this capacity since June, 2003.

He served for over 27 years as a chaplain in the United States Navy, rising to the rank of rear admiral and ending his career as the chief of chaplains of the United States Navy, and chief of the United States Navy Chaplain Corps.

The role of the Chaplain as spiritual advisor and counselor has expanded over the years from a part-time position to a full-time job as one of the Officers of the Senate.  The Office of the Chaplain is nonpartisan, nonpolitical, and nonsectarian.

In addition to opening the Senate each day in prayer, Chaplain Black’s duties include counseling and spiritual care for the Senators, their families and their staffs, a combined constituency of six thousand people. Chaplain Black’s days are filled with meeting Senators about spiritual and moral issues, assisting Senators’ staffs with research on theological and biblical questions, teaching Senate Bible study groups, encouraging such groups as the weekly Senate Prayer Breakfast, and facilitating discussion and reflection small groups among Senators and staff.

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