Part 6: Revealing God’s Glory

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Part 6: Revealing God’s Glory
October 28, 2018

Part 6: Revealing God’s Glory

Passage: Acts 4:27-31
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Prayer is both simple and complex. It can be understood by children and confusing to adults. It can be planned or spontaneous. It is an essential element of a relationship with God. Most people admit they should pray but confess they don’t do it enough. Jesus is our example in prayer. He taught us to pray in word and in deed; through teaching and by His lifestyle.

In this series we will study the teachings and practices of Jesus in prayer in the gospels of Matthew and Luke. Prayer for Jesus was a game changer. Everything Jesus did flowed out of a life of prayer. So what did Jesus teach about prayer? How did He model prayer? What is the Jesus way to pray? Let’s find out!

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