Due to the COVID-19/Coronavirus situation, our Next Gen team has had to adjust some of our summer plans and activities. Here’s an update from Pastor Adam and Pastor Jon to help explain how we’re going to make the most of summer with Student Central and Kid Central in spite of this unique and difficult situation.

With the launch of our new Street Smarts series, we’re also inviting you to join us in a 30-day challenge in Proverbs. Check out the instructions below, as well as two calendar options you can download and use to help keep you on track!

Here are the steps of the 30-Day Street Smarts Challenge:

  1. Each day, starting with Proverbs, Ch. 20 on Monday, April 20, read the next chapter of Proverbs (and loop back around to Proverbs 1 on May 1st).
  2. Keep a journal during this 30-day period, entering the following information each day:
    • Write out each verse(s) that stood out to you that day, along with the Scripture reference.
    • Give each verse a title by category (finances, work ethic, the tongue, relationship with God, pride, etc.).
    • Write after each verse what that truth is teaching you (or how it applies to your life personally).
  3. On the 30th of April, read chapters 30 and 31 (to keep this within a 30-day period).
  4. Take a moment each day to pray about living your life more in line with these proverbs.
  5. Check for the prompt post on Central’s Facebook page (facebook.com/centralsf) each day and, if you’d like, comment about how you were impacted by one of the proverbs you read.

And here are the calendars to help keep you on track!

We’re excited to announce that you can now watch Central Church on TV! We’re broadcasting on the CW (channel 13.2 in Sioux Falls) at 10:30am each week. If watching online at 9:30am isn’t a convenient option for you, we hope you’ll check it out on TV weekly at 10:30am.

Hello Central!

As the Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation continues, we have adjusted our plans for weekend services and large events being held at Central. As always, our goal is to keep our guests and visitors as safe as possible while still providing a powerful worship experience.

Please continue to check this page for details and updates.

Here are just a few of our current changes:

  1. We will continue online worship services until the local gathering restriction guidelines and recommendations change. Services will only be shown via live stream at 9:30am on Sundays as well as on broadcast TV at 10:30am on The CW. To access the service go to centralsf.org/live, watch via Facebook (facebook.com/centralsf), or watch on TV (details at centralsf.org/tv).
  2. If you miss the live stream service you can watch it anytime later by going to the same address (centralsf.org/live), or by going to our Facebook page.
  3. We will also be hosting Central @ Home daily devotions and conversations through Facebook live Monday-Thursday at noon each week. To watch those, simply visit our Facebook page at noon. If you miss them live, that’s ok! Just check the page and watch them at your convenience.
  4. Parents of preschool and elementary age students: Please be checking your email for additional interactive materials for your kids in line with each week’s sermon, or visit centralsf.org/kconline. Our Kid Central team is working hard to provide useful, valuable resources that you’ll enjoy going over this with your kids.
  5. If you would like to give online, please visit centralsf.org/give.
  6. We’ve developed a new ministry called “Central Serves” to help those in our church affected by these traumatic times. If you or someone you know needs assistance of some kind (groceries brought to their home, prescriptions picked up, etc.) please ask for help by emailing [email protected].
We’ll have more updates as this situation continues to develop.
If you’re looking for updates on our other ministries, you can find those here:

Hello Central!

Along with changes we have made to our Southwest Campus in light of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation, we are also making some adjustments to our Downtown Campus services and activities. Our goal is to keep our guests and visitors as safe as possible while still providing a powerful worship experience, so continue to check this page for details and updates.

Here is what’s happening at Central Church Downtown:

  • As of now, our Downtown Sunday services will be shown on our Facebook page at 11:00am. That page can be found here: facebook.com/CentralChurchDT
    • These will be full services including worship songs and Bible teaching. Please make time to join us.
  • Due to the government recommendation to cancel/avoid all gatherings of 10 people, or more, we ask that you please stay home and join us via Facebook rather than coming to our building on Sunday.
    • We encourage you to interact with each other using online comments during and after the service.
    • Rusty, Pastor Roger, and others will be online as well to take part in the discussion.
  • Unfortunately, the LifeGroup and women’s Bible study will not meet during this time.
  • If you would like to give online, please visit centralsf.org/give and designate your gift for the Downtown Campus.
  • Last, we would encourage you to reach out to others from the church, as well as those in your oikos (your family, friends, and neighbors), during this time.

This is a time of great uncertainty, but as followers of Jesus we have God’s loving and faithful presence with us. Believe that for your life. But also, believing His presence in your own life, take steps of faith to care for others around you.

To help you take those steps, the churches of Sioux Falls are working together to provide for people in the community. Information on that program can be found at coronahelpsf.com.

You can encourage your oikos to reach out to that site for help—but you can also volunteer. CoronaHelpSF needs volunteers to shop, pack goods, and deliver items to homes. To help or learn more: contact our Outreach Pastor, Nathan Pruett at [email protected].

We will continue to provide updates whenever possible.

Central now has a parenting podcast called Training Wheels. In the podcast, Pastor Jeff (and occasional guests) will offer tips and insights to help parents give spiritual guidance to their kids. If you’re ready to get practical advice on raising your children to know and follow Christ, listen on iTunes at centralsf.org/twitunes, on Spotify at centralsf.org/twspotify, or on our website at centralsf.org/podcasts!

PLEASE NOTE: Training Wheels is currently taking a brief hiatus as our team navigates the new challenges of the COVID-19 situation. We will be sure to share when we begin posting new episodes again!


We’re seeking to add people to our team of ushers who want to make the Worship Center a welcoming and inviting space during the 11:00 service. Our ushers are an incredibly valuable team of people who help make our weekend services happen! For more details on ushering at 11am (or just ushering in general), contact Connections Director Haley Wiggers at [email protected].
Our communion ministry team is looking for more people to add to the team for prep, setup, cleanup, and servers! This is a simple way to get involved and contribute to something very meaningful and sacred. If you’re interested and want more information, contact Haley Wiggers at [email protected].
Need a personal Bible Study pick-me-up? Need new curriculum for your LifeGroup? Want to start doing family devotionals? We’ve got just what you need. Central has a church-wide subscription to RightNow Media, dubbed the “Netflix for Christian Bible Study.” You can stream video content from a huge variety of sources, from Francis Chan to VeggieTales. All for free. It’s our gift to you. Click the image above to watch the video, then visit centralsf.org/rightnowmedia to access your subscription.

Central is always looking for talented photographers who occasionally want to use their gifts to serve the church during weekend services and special events. If the idea of capturing the life of Central through photos excites you, just fill out a brief questionnaire at centralsf.org/photoapp. We can’t wait to get you plugged in!